Available in school holidays.

Clients bring your children in to the studio and workout together! Ages 10+

Fully instructor-led and only 10 spaces per session.

Running from 25th July – 5th September!

PAYG £6 for kids (let us know how many spots need to be reserved for your children!)

Are your kids too young for Power Family, but you want to attend an adult session?

No worries you are all welcome throughout the holidays… Your workouts shouldn’t stop. We have space in the studio where they can sit, make sure you bring books, iPads and snacks – its only 25 minutes!


SMALL GROUP TRAINING – like PT but without the price tag!

Instructor led 25 minute POWER PLATE® sessions – image2FREE TRIAL – 25 minutes.

The only Authorised POWER PLATE Centre – in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

   Used by athletes, sports teams, celebrities and busy people everywhere, POWER PLATE® – the fast, effective way to increase your fitness, build strength and tone.  

  • Fast and super effective workouts that show a tangible difference in just 25 minutes. Medically certified, Power Plate technologies are backed by research and proven by science (read more https://powerplate.com) which is why some of the best athletes in the world use Power Plate. We incorporate spin also in to some of our sessions – check out class descriptions for more info!
  • Whether you want to look better, feel better, or play better, POWER PLATE® classes at Pure Power Studios are the solution. Enjoy impactful results from a 25minute, full body workout – anyone should be able to fit a class into their busy life, either on the way to work, back from work or a lunchtime! We have a shower, changing room, hairdryer and straighteners – there is no excuse not to work your body to the max! All our classes include a warm-up, exercise programme to suit all abilities and a fabulous massage at the end – well worth it and you’ll love seeing how your body changes

  • Our fully instructor-led sessions suit every age and ability.                     15826426_1258600867516886_2520902284640033111_n 16807153_1300854966624809_2989949916927226386_n14910459_1200919976618309_1886330993477171195_n16105524_1275154445861528_649953259188226358_n

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