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All of our sessions are 30 minutes, our trainer guides you through each session, correcting form and posture as you go. The small group sessions (4 clients per session) enable us to ensure you are working out safely and correctly. We use Pro 7 Power Plates to enhance your workouts.
Pure Power – This session combines cardio and strength exercises, to improve your overall fitness. It’s a great all rounder and is for all fitness levels.
Pure Strength  This session will improve your strength and muscle tone. Get stronger, improve balance, and increase your range of motion and joint capability. For all fitness levels.
Power Circuit A high energy, fun, full body workout to help build muscle strength, stamina and power.  A great calorie burner Power Circuit uses cardiovascular aerobic intervals to keep the heart rate elevated and strength exercises to make your workout efficient.
Power HIIT High Intensity Interval Training. Will push your heart rate up in your work periods and dip it down in the rests, this burns calories effectively and will continue burning even after your workout! It’s a mix of cardio and strength exercises, for fun effective whole body training.
Pure Core Focuses on strengthening the core musculature (Abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes) Building up your core stability will enable you to move better, improve posture and be stronger so you can do more challenging workouts! You’ll definitely feel your core muscles and glutes burn!



Our 30 minute online live session… Join us virtually from home for some strength & cardio to get you set for the day! Limited spaces available on each session.

The same cancellation policy applies to our online sessions as they do our studio ones. If you cancel within 12 hours of the start you will still be charged.

Booking closes 12 hours before the start of the session.

Remember, as we can’t be there to supervise you in person these sessions are undertaken at your own risk. Please keep safe and make sure the area you’re working out in is clear, take extra rest periods if you need them and go for lower impact, lower cardio variations when needed.


Holly and Ryan are First Aid trained by Train Aid a great local training company. We thoroughly recommend their services! Check them out at Train Aid