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We do recommend having a free trial before attending a session, this will be an introduction session to find out more about you and your goals and also for you to experience a workout on the Power Plate at your own pace. Contact us to arrange a time within our opening hours stated on the timetable!



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Pure Power Workout – This is a very versatile class it caters for all fitness levels.  During your 25-minute class the instructor guides you through a total body workout – Cardio and muscle sculpting feature in this class. A GREAT ALL ROUND WORKOUT.

Pure Strength – This class is a challenging and dynamic workout, which will improve muscle tone and strength. With zero cardio you come away from the class having worked the strength of your muscles and increasing range of motion and joint capability. A CLASS EVERYONE SHOULD ATTEND REGULARLY.

Power Circuit – A high energy, fun, full body workout to help build muscle strength, stamina and power. Within this class, you will move from station to station to burn calories by combining Power Plate® strength with cardiovascular aerobic intervals to keep the heart rate elevated and your workout efficient. Hard, but fun! 

Power HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training on our state of the art Power Plates®. Work as hard as you can for periods of maximum effort with scheduled rest times, it will push your heart rate up and dip it down in those rests, this burns calories effectively and will continue burning even after your workout! Predominantly cardio based but this class will have your muscles exhausted by the end too! A CLASS FOR ALL, PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN.

Power Boxing – Full body workout… Not just arms! High intensity boxing style training, designed to burn those calories and tone the body all at once. Boxing is a great way to get fit and have fun whilst doing it!  You will learn basic techniques and get a fantastic cardio workout whilst toning all those hard to reach areas.  From pad drills to shadow boxing there will never be a dull moment in a Power Boxing class.

Pure Core –  Focussing on strengthening the core (Abs, back, hips and glutes) Involving toning and strengthening exercises in a circuit format, that whole core area will be really challenged!

Power Blast  25 – A shorter version of our unique Power Blast. Alternating between strength work on the Power Plate® and cardio training on our state of the art spin bikes. Guaranteed to push you to the max, a great whole body blast!

Power Blast 45 (please note that this is an advanced class) – Spend 45 minutes with us alternating between strength work on the Power Plate® and cardio training on our state of the art spin bikes. Guaranteed to push you to the max! Max 10 spaces. Only on Saturday.

Pure Recovery – Our Pure Recovery session is the same as our old “Pure Stretch” it will help to relax the muscles and increase circulation thus aiding injury recovery. Stretch and massage on the Power Plate® can improve your flexibility and range of motion. It is proven to reduce cellulite – this session is the perfect chance to focus on this. This session is a great addition to any exercise regime, especially to help prevent injury and aid recovery. It is super important to stretch!!!! You will leave feeling more relaxed. Suitable for all levels and abilities.

A Pure Introduction (this doesn’t feature on our time table – we will fit it in, at a time that suits you) – This class is a free trial class, introducing you to the Power Plate® and advising you on the classes suitable for you to attend going forward. Contact us to book your slot!