Merry Christmas ‘Ya Filthy Animal’ – 9 sessions – £75

BUY Merry Christmas ‘Ya Filthy Animal’- 9 sessions 

Merry Christmas ‘Ya Filthy Animal’ – 18 sessions – £145

BUY Merry Christmas ‘Ya Filthy Animal’18 sessions 

HO HO HOLD UP!… Our special Christmas bundle Merry Christmas ‘Ya Filthy Animal’ gets you 9 or 18 sessions to use until we close for Christmas! So don’t let the worry of a heavy Christmas get your festive spirits down… come and do some sessions with us to gear yourself up!

(All sessions must be used up to and including 23rd December 2017 – any remaining will be lost)

Memberships – For the Best Deal – Any Class, Any Time

Limited Membership – 8 sessions a month – £59 pcm

(For a minimum of 3 months and need to give one months’ notice to end.)

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BUNDLEship – 120 sessions for the year – £79 pcm

The BUNDLEship allows you to spread your classes over a year as you wish. You will receive 120 classes to use within a year, making every month flexible!

Spread the cost of these classes evenly throughout the year (a 12 month contract). These classes are cheaper than all of our current bundles and keep you committed throughout the year with added flexibility to suit your individual timetable.


Unlimited Membership – £89 pcm

(For a minimum of 3 months and need to give one months’ notice to end.)

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Bundles of sessions

Bundle of 6 Classes – £60 (valid for 3 months)

Buy Bundle of 6

Bundle of 12 Classes –  £112 (valid for 6 months)

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Bundle of 20 Classes –  £182 (valid for 12 months)

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To book, please visit our classes page, or email [email protected]