I have always felt self conscious attending exercise classes preferring to pound the pavements instead. However needing help with my wobbly bits and Mummy tummy led me to try Power Plate classes at Pure Power Studios. You meet people of all ages, shapes and sizes and varying levels of fitness. The 25-minute classes are hard work (you get out what you put in; I can do a press up!) but so much fun.  There is lots of laughter and the trainers take all the moaning and groaning in such good spirits, whilst offering constant encouragement. It is a great, quick, fun, fitness class that works.
Suzie Lewis

I cannot thank the ladies at Pure Power Studios enough for literally changing my life. I had avoided any form of exercise for over 5 years since having my twins and had lost all confidence in my body. I am now totally hooked on Power Plate®, I love that classes are so varied and only 25 minutes long. If I can do it as a busy working mum of twins with two businesses to run then anyone can. My husband says my body looks better than it was when I was 27 and I feel so much better about myself. I even wore a bikini on holiday this year instead of hiding away as I’d done before.
Rebecca Doyle, 35

I’ve been regularly doing three 25-minute sessions a week since the summer
, which is a great testament to Pure Power, because I have an absolute pathological hatred of exercise, almost to the point of phobia. But now I’m more toned, happier and energised. And more to the point, I’m no longer able to sink my fingers into my back fat – it’s been replaced by this strange hard stuff which I’m informed is called “muscle”.
Betty Cassidy, 43

A short varied intense energetic all over workout. 25 minutes well spent! Good all over toning results. Would recommend to all.
Gill Wildman

As classes are only 25 mins long, you are encouraged to put in the maximum effort throughout. Classes are small so the instructors have plenty of time to encourage and ensure you are performing the exercises correctly. A great workout that slots easily into today’s busy lifestyles.
Lisa D’Garston

I’ve never found any form of exercise enjoyable and certainly never yielded any result from it until I found Power Plate. Not only have I seen and felt a massive difference in my body but also one in my enthusiasm for exercise. I have to thank the instructors for this, they motivate you the whole way through and each class is different so you can never get bored. Thanks to them I’ve dropped a dress size, have tone and definition in my body and have never felt better.
Genna Greenacre 32

I do quite a bit of exercise at my gym in London including 45 minute spin and body pump classes 2-3 times a week. But I find the 25 minute Power Plate classes to be just as effective aerobically and for toning my whole body; I really feel it the next day. Thanks to these classes I can now do at least 5 full body press ups, something I could never do before. As a middle aged woman, maintaining upper body strength ( losing the bingo wings) is as important as aerobic exercise. And just when I can’t do possibly do another exercise on the Plate it is time for the cool down with the lovely Power Plate massage. There are great instructors who make sure that each participant is doing the exercise correctly to get the most out of the class.
Jane Goss, 54

I would definitely recommend power plates. Having not done any real exercise for over 7 years, the Power Plate has transformed my figure in a very short period of time. The beauty of the Power Plate sessions is it is quick,  and readily accessible. It also becomes highly addictive with me doing it 5 times a week. I now have the confidence to put on a swim suit.
Lorna Wright