All about the balance!

We know that the magic formula for keeping fit and keeping weight under control is 20% exercise and 80% diet. How to find the right balance can sometimes be a bit of a challenge though! Drop the exercise, and the body won’t be as effective at burning the fat; exercise more and the body will need more fuel to feed the muscles.

Eat less, move more?

Unless you are a trained fitness or nutritionist specialist, it can be hard to know what’s the best food to eat to boost your training, and recovery, potential, while giving you the right balance of all the vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrate that you need. And our busy lifestyles mean that we don’t always have the time to shop for or make everything from scratch. So we often end up eating the wrong thing, because it’s quick, and having to work out twice as hard to make up for it – which makes us hungry again…and there we are again, battling to find the right balance of exercise with the right food!

Are meal replacements the answer?

It’s hardly surprising then, that sales of ‘meal replacements’ have gone up 85% over the past year. But can they really help with weight loss and weight control? And are they good for you? Meal replacements have become more mainstream in part due to group weight loss programmes – a ready-prepared shake with the right balance of nutrients to have instead of breakfast or lunch, to help you keep an easy count on the calories.

Time saving and supposedly fat busting, what’s not to like? However, they have also attracted some bad press, due to some having a high sugar content and various other artificial ingredients. Critics also say that they do not lead to sustainable weight loss, as typically all these products do is reduce the portion size of a meal while also removing the likelihood of overeating at meals. Once you go back to a normal diet, the concern is that you will start to take in larger portions and more calories again, and you’re back to the struggle of trying to shed the extra pounds.

Eat right, move more

With the right guidance, however, they can be a great way to kick-start weight loss and get you eating healthily. There are products out there that are made with natural ingredients, with no added sugar, and there is no denying the convenience and reassurance of knowing that the pack contains everything you need for a balanced meal. And combined with the right exercise routine, you can ensure that the weight stays off even when you stop taking the meal substitutes.

Kick-start fitness goals with 30-day programme

We would not recommend taking meal replacements for any longer than a 30 day period. We believe that they are a good way to reprogramme your eating habits, help balance your blood sugars and, combined with the right fitness training schedule, can be a great way to shift the weight and keep it off. 30-day programmes are really effective like that because the body plateaus after a while of the same exercise routine. We need variety to keep the metabolic rate up and the fat burning. Mixing up your normal fitness regime with a 30-day programme every so often can be a great way to do that.

If you’d like to give our 30-day Arbonne challenge a go, get in touch and we’ll talk through your goals with you and help you to achieve them.